Upcoming Appearances

Surviving Indie Organization is coming to Classic Game Fest on October 10 - 11, 2020 in Austin, TX.

Surviving Indie is hosting a discussion featuring Jon St. John! You’ve heard his iconic voice in Duke Nukem, Sonic The Hedgehogand many more. Here's your chance to meet the legend himself at Classic Game Fest!  Surviving Indie proudly presents: Jon St. John, a look inside his career as a voice actor.

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Previous Appearances

Art Institute of Austin (2017) – Special Guest for “Fundamentals of Game Audio” & “Audio for Film” classes.
OtakuFair x GaMExpo (2017) – Panel Host & Moderator for “Surviving Indie Presents: A Look the Indie Game Industry.”
MAGFest (2018) – Panel Host & Moderator for “Surviving Indie Presents: A Look Inside Indie Game Audio.”
PAX East (2018) – Host of “Surviving Indie Presents: Surviving Development Failure.”
Classic Game Fest (2018) – Host of “Surviving Indie Presents: Alexander Brandon.
University of Texas (2019)  – Guest Lecturer for “The history of music production in video games.”
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